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This movie puts the fun in funk! Also the k!

This is the best movie I've ever seen (that had me in it). You can tell you worked really hard on it (for a very, very, seemingly endless long time). My favourite parts were Stan's Mom and Planet British. But enough from Bezo, let's hear from the main himself: ROBO-BOB!


I'm curious as to why there was so little me in this episode. I'm quite clearly the star, in spite of my third billing status. If you won't give me more dialogue, you should at least give me more things to hit. Shame on you, Grim Studios. Oh, and tell Stan I said *WHACK*


What a guy. Good work, dude. Definitely five'd, fave'd and feve'd!


grim-studios responds:

Thanks for the feve! And Robo-Bob, there's more screen-time for ya next time, I promise. OW! Stop it! I said I promise! Oof!

Very nice work.

I particularily liked your use of the 1812 Overture. Always nice to hear. You are very good with the sprites. :D

Great work, dude.

I may come across as biased because I'm in this Flash, but even if I wasn't; I'd still think this was a great start to what will likely become a fantastic NG series. And if anyone gives you any negative reviews, well, you know my stance on pummelling.

- Robo-Bob

grim-studios responds:

Thanks, Robo-Bob. I can always count on you. :)

Fantastic work as always

You really write hilarious stuff dude. Let me know if you ever need some original music. ;)

Great work as usual, Mark

Please, PLEASE make the full version of this. You frickin' rule.

Best Sprite Film Ever

This was so funny that it's taken years off of my life.

Most impressive

I really liked this film. You did a very good job and I hope your next one is just as good.

Very cool

Mega Man 2 is my favourite game of all time and this is the best Mega Man flash I've ever seen. Everything was great, from the use of actual in-game sound effects to the actual finale. Good job balancing the creation of tension and the sustain of the flow. It's definitely going into the favourites. :D

I really like your writing

Your style is good and has been improving over the course of your movies and watching them I'm often reminded of Legendary Frog, in a good way. You've got the hard part down; making something actually worth watching. I'm sure as you continue to make movies your artwork will improve. I haven't submitted a movie in over a year because I've been working on my artwork like crazy.

What recording software are you using? Some of the voicework has a lot of noise that detracts from it.

Anyway, your Flashes have enormous potential and I'm adding you to my favourite Flash artists.

I'll be watching you. ;)

Well done

Not bad, not great. Some of them were not very funny at all and some of them were absolutely hilarious.

Ones I didn't like: Rain (meh), Noob (a bit much), Sub Zero (not only are fart jokes not funny, where Jax went is completely a mystery), Scorpion (meh), Sindel (what was that?), Smoke after the ending (if Ketchup and Mustard want to get it on, they can do it off-camera), Liu Kang (so Liu Kang killed himself? What??!), Shang Tsung (fart joke)

Ones I loved: Kung Lao (unexpected), Sektor (although I would've squished the mini-Sektor after), Kitana (probably the one that made me laugh the most), Ermac (poor Scorps), Cyrax (I'm not sure where the Peanut Butter Jelly Cyrax/Jax running gag originated, but you put a nice twist on it here), Smoke before the ending (I don't know where the Smoke stealing things running gag started, but I've always got a big kick out of it)

Basically, I liked some and disliked others. I hope you upload a finished version in the future.

I am Bezo. I will try and respond to all reviews left. Even the bad ones. Especially the bad ones.

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