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God Rest Ye Merry Atheists Miscellaneous Song
Don't Vote Zero, Mon Miscellaneous Song
Demon Lord Battle Video Game Song
Mortal Kombat Guest Characters Video Game Loop
UWXXIX - Demon Lord (Fix) Classical Song
UWXXIX - Demon Lord Theme Classical Song
UWXXIX Rhianwen (Cathedral) Classical Song
Overture - Ultimate WhimsyXXIX Classical Song
Ultimate Whimsy XXIX Overture Classical Song
Ultimate Whimsy XXIX - Achton Miscellaneous Song
Fox Dog Hymn Classical Song
Shade of Aran Chant Classical Song
Shang (T)song-Karaoke Version Miscellaneous Song
Penguin Ultimatus Classical Song
Penguin Magnificus Classical Song
Shang (T)song Miscellaneous Song
Transformers - Change From Miscellaneous Loop
Transformers - Change Into Miscellaneous Loop

2010 Submissions

One Hard Penguin Video Game Song

2009 Submissions

Kane Theme Miscellaneous Song
Vicious Theme Miscellaneous Song
Bezo Theme Miscellaneous Song
Jigsaw gets a puppy Voice Demo Song
Soundwave's State of the Union Voice Demo Song
Saw XXIX Voice Demo Song
Transformers Sound Effect Miscellaneous Loop
I'm Going to Kill You Funk Song
The Undertaker Theme Song Miscellaneous Song
Soundwave Rant Voice Demo Song
Happy Birthday Reid Spencer Miscellaneous Song
Neaxlogryphilic I Classical Song
Bezo - Buffy Theme Orchestral Miscellaneous Song
Bezo -Buffy The Vampire Slayer Miscellaneous Song
Konquest Adventure Theme Omega Miscellaneous Song
Small Chance Miscellaneous Song
Battle Theme v.100 (Bezo) Miscellaneous Song
Tranceformers-Soundwave (Bezo) Miscellaneous Song
Credits Song (Bezo) Miscellaneous Song
AoE Overture (Bezo) Classical Song
Mortal Kombat Theme (Bezo) Video Game Song
Quick Man Remix 2 (Bezo) Video Game Song
Ultimate Warrior Theme Heavy Metal Song
Ninjaz Theme Miscellaneous Loop
A Holiday Message From Bezo Miscellaneous Song
Battle Theme - Organ Version Video Game Song
Axlogryphil III Classical Song
The Most Inspiring Song Ever Miscellaneous Song
FFX Battle (Orchestra) Video Game Song
Bhuddist Chant Plus Miscellaneous Song
Kombat Temple Video Game Song
Two Winged Penguin Classical Song
Creepy Intro Music Ambient Loop
Mega Man 3 - Skull Castle 2 Video Game Song
Konquest Adventure Theme Final Pop Song
Read Or Die Battle Theme 1 Miscellaneous Loop
KOTK VII Background Miscellaneous Loop
Axlogryphil II Classical Song
Soundwave - O Canada Miscellaneous Song
Gold Trio Classical Loop
Axlogryphil Classical Song
Pipe Organ Loop Classical Loop
Emotional Demo 3 Miscellaneous Loop
Emotional Demo 2 Miscellaneous Loop
Emotional Demo 1 Miscellaneous Loop
Man With The Machine Gun Redux Video Game Song
FFX Piano Medley Video Game Song
Man With The Machine Gun Video Game Song
Wood Man Jungle Video Game Song
Hymn Of The Fayth (Real Choir) Video Game Loop
MM2 Wily Symphony Video Game Song
Sound Byte - Heaven's Sting Classical Loop
The Transformers Sting Miscellaneous Loop
The Temple Of Time Video Game Song
Konquest Adventure Remastered Pop Song
Konquest Adventure Theme Song Pop Song
Adventures Of Spirit Liu Theme Pop Loop
Evocation Classical Song
Battle Music - NES Edition Video Game Song
Crash Man Disco Fever - Redone Video Game Song
Metal Man Video Game Song
Aeris Theme - Strings Video Game Song
Bla Qi Ambient Song
Hymn Of The Fayth (SynthChoir) Video Game Loop
UW Boss Theme: Real Version Classical Song
Ultimate Whimsy XXIX BossMusic Classical Song
Emotional Strings Classical Song
Battle Music - Piano Solo Ver. Classical Song
Imperial Metal Heavy Metal Song
Battle Music - Metal Edition Heavy Metal Song
Metal Zero Wing Video Game Loop

2004 Submissions

Battle Music: Symphonic Ver. Classical Song
Reflections Classical Song
Heat Mon Video Game Song
Dun Dun Dun Miscellaneous Loop
Tada Miscellaneous Loop
Dream Sequence 2 Miscellaneous Loop
Dream Sequence 1 Miscellaneous Loop
To Zanarkand Video Game Song
AoE Overture Classical Song
Der Bossenstadt Mark II Classical Song
Musica Diabola Classical Song
Bezo Bhuddist Chant Miscellaneous Loop
Dark Times In Kyoto Miscellaneous Song
Palladio(A Diamond Is Forever) Classical Song
Baroque Bubble Man Video Game Song
Doctor Who? Ambient Song
Der Bossenstadt Classical Song
Quick Man Uptempo Island Mix Video Game Song
Chinese Not-A-Ninja Warrior Dance Song
Chinese Ninja Warrior Dance Song
Piano Kombat Video Game Song
Crash Man Disco Fever Video Game Song
Flash Man Jazz Video Game Song
Futurama Easy Mix Loop Miscellaneous Loop
The Rage IV:Love Conquers Rage Classical Song
The Rage III: The Rage Grows Classical Song
The Rage II: The Inner Rage Classical Song
The Rage I: The Rage Is Born Classical Song
Dirge In A Minor Classical Song
Dueling Themes In A Minor Classical Song
Joyful Miscellaneous Loop
Bezo Kyrie Eleison 2 Classical Song
Bezo Kyrie Eleison 1 Classical Song
Hymn Of The Fayth Video Game Loop
Mary Had A Little Lamb in C Classical Song
Boss Music 24601 Video Game Song
Demon Lord Boss Fightt Video Game Song
Zero Wing (RPG Town Remix) Video Game Song
Rhianwen (Waltz) Classical Song
Quick Man Island Mix Video Game Song
Final Fantasy I Piano Battle Video Game Song
Rhianwen (Cathedral) Classical Song
Another Battle Classical Song
The Coronation Of Palpatine Classical Song
Battle Music Video Game Song